Venomous Critters of San Antonio Texas

Bee’s, Scorpions, Spiders, Ants , Yellow Jackets and Wasps


Killer Bees In Tree Pic

Bee Removal and Bee Control is what we do. Honey Bee and Killer/Africanized Bees can attack and sting you. Although it is widely believed that a worker honey bee can sting only once, that is not always the case. The Stinger is barbed so that it lodges in the victim’s skin, tearing loose from the bee’s belly and leading to its death, this only happens if the skin is of a human or large animal type. The sting’s injection of apitoxon into the victim is accompanied by the release of alarm pheromones, a process which is accelerated if the bee is fatally injured. Release of alarm pheromones near a hive or swarm may attract other bees to the location.

The larger drone bees, do not have stingers. The worker bees. the female bees are the only ones that can sting, and their stinger is a modified.  The queen bee has a smooth stinger and can, if need be, sting skin-bearing creatures multiple times, but the queen does not leave the hive under normal conditions. Her sting is not for defense of the hive; she only uses it for dispatching rival queens, ideally before they can finish pupating.

If you are attacked by bees you can usually out run them. You might have to run a long ways but  bees don’t fly as fast as we can run in most cases. Best to run to a place you can get rid of the bees like into a car or

Killer Bee's in Tree

Killer Bee’s

home or even a shed where you can shut the door. Its better to only get stung by a few bees than a whole swarm. Cover your face, it is the worst place you can get stung. If you are stung you are gonna wanna remove the stingers as soon as possible. Use a credit card and slide over the stinger to remove the stingers without squeezing the venom sak. Some say you can just remove it, it doesn’t matter how its removed. I am a believer of the credit card removal myself. After you remove the stinger you need to watch it and make sure you don’t have a allergic reaction to the sting. If you do, you need to see a doctor right away. Then take some ibuprofan for pain relief. After that you need to wash the area with soap and water. It will heal in a few days. You will know its healing when you feel it itching.

Abolish Pest & Wildlife control does Bee Removals and Bee Control. We can come out and get rid of any bee problem you might have efficiently and  effectively. We can do it for less than most other companies.

You need a company like our to do a bee removal or bee control because there is no way of knowing if the bees you are removing or killing off are killer bee’s or not. You wont know that till you start messing with the  bee hive. We don’t like killing the bee’s off and in some cases we can just remove them and let them go somewhere else. We need bee’s. We need to do what we can to preserve them for future generations. Without bee’s our crops would not get fertilized and we would not have honey or was for our candles and lip baums. So if you have a Bee Removal and Bee Control issue call us and let us help.


Striped Bark Scorpion

Scorpions in particular the Striped Bark Scorpion. It is the most common scorpion found around the San Antonio Area. It can get into homes through holes in the foundation, under doors and through cracks.

What to do if you get stung by a Striped Bark Scorpion. first of all make sure its a scorpion that stung you. It is important to know for sure what stung you. It will feel like a bee stung you but a lot worse. You will need to stay calm and gain some composure. Then you will want to wash the infected area with an antibacterial soap or lye soap. The risk and incidence of infection will be much higher. If you have ice, put ice on it, but for no more than twenty-four hours. Be careful with ice. Placing it directly on your skin can cause frost burn. I would recommend placing a bag of frozen peas on it.  Elevate your offended body part and keep it still for about twenty-four hours. Expect to have pain and some numbness in your entire extremity for up to forty-eight hours. Seek medical attention if you think you might need it. Its always better to be on the safe side when dealing with stinging insects like the striped bark scorpion. Once you have taken care of yourself call us. We do Scorpion removals and scorpion pest control. We can come out and eliminate the scorpions by exclusion work and by treating them properly. At Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control we have the know how and experience in getting rid of scorpions. Call us for any of your scorpion problems you might have.

Spiders you need to be careful of here in San Antonio


Brown Recluse Spider Pic

Brown Recluse Spider is usually found in and around homes. They are resilient enough to withstand winters in unheated basements and stifling summer temperatures in attics, persisting many months without food or water. Outside thebrown recluse spiders live under rocks, logs, woodpiles and debris. The brown recluse hunts at night seeking insect prey, either alive or dead. It does not employ a web to capture food. he initial bite is usually painless. Oftentimes the victim is unaware until 3 to 8 hours later when the bite site may become red, swollen, and tender. The majority of brown recluse spider bites remain localized, healing within 3 weeks without serious complication or medical intervention. In other cases, the victim may develop a necrotic lesion, appearing as a dry, sinking bluish patch with irregular edges, a pale center and peripheral redness. Often there is a central blister. As the venom continues to destroy tissue, the wound may expand up to several inches over a period of days or weeks. The necrotic ulcer can persist for several months, leaving a deep scar. Infrequently, bites in the early stages produce systemic reactions accompanied by fever, chills, dizziness, rash or vomiting. Severe reactions to the venom are more common in children, the elderly. Persons bitten by a brown recluse spider should apply ice, elevate the affected area, and seek medical attention immediately.if you think you have a brown recluse bite make sure you seek a doctor as soon as possible. The bite from this spider is nothing to mess around with.


Female Black Widow Pic

Black Widow Spider is easily identified by the red hour glass at the bottom of her abdomen. This spider may hide in sheltered, dimly lit places such as barns, garages, basements, outdoor toilets, hollow stumps, rodent holes, trash, brush, and dense vegetation. Black widows usually seek dry, sheltered sites such as buildings during periods of cold weather. This spider mostly feed on other insects and other spiders. It will sometimes come into human or animal contact and bite them.

The female black widow possesses a venom fifteen times more potent than rattlesnake venom. The bite is like a pin prick but causes pain within a few minutes of the attack. The pain spreads rapidly to arms, legs, chest, back, and abdomen. Chills, vomiting, difficult respiration, profuse perspiration, delirium, partial paralysis, violent abdominal cramps and spasms may occur within a few hours of the bite. The victim usually recovers in 2 to 5 days; about 5% of all black widow attacks are fatal. The black widow, however, usually bites people only when its web is disturbed. The male black widows can not bite.

If bitten try and collect the spider in a jar or plastic bag for positive identification if possible. remain calm and get medical attention as soon as possible. Wash the infected area with soap and water.


Fire Ants Pic

Apply a cool compress over the bite location and keep the affected limb elevated to about heart level. Application of a mild antiseptic such as iodine or hydrogen peroxide prevents infection. Make sure you get medical attention as soon as you can or call your poison control center for advice. Do not try and suck the poison out…It will not work

Fire Ants in San Antonio A typical fire ant coloney produces large mounds in open areas, and feeds mostly on young plants, seeds, and sometimes insects like crickets. The fire ants often attacks small animals and can kill them. Unlike many other ants, which bite and then spray acid on the wound, fire ants bite only to get a grip and then sting and inject a toxic alkaloid venom. For humans, this is a painful sting, a sensation similar to what one feels when burned by fire, hence the name fire ant—and the after effects of the sting can be deadly to sensitive individuals. The venom is both insecticidal and antibiotic. Fire ants attack quickly when disturbed. By emitting a pheromone, the ants coordinate a strike on their victim with lightning speed. Fire ant bites are actually a combination of a bite and a sting from the fire ants venomous stinger. Ants bite the skin with their powerful jaws and then arch their back to insert their stinger into the flesh, injecting venom. Fire ants will usually hold on to the skin with their jaws and continue stinging in a circular motion. Some fire ants can sting 10 times in one try. Fire ant venom is quite toxic and causes extreme discomfort and a distinct burning sensation.

Treat fire ant bites and stings by elevating the effected area. To combat swelling apply Ice or a bag of frozen peas will work also to the effected area. oral antihistamines and topical creams will also help relieve the pain and itching. Anaphylaxis is a allergic reaction to fire ant stings. Symptoms include swelling of the face and throat, shortness of breath, hives, and loss of consciousness. If any of these symptoms are apparent, go to a hospital immediately.  See a doctor  if you have any of these symptoms or the swelling gets worse or infection is evident.

Paper Wasp Nest

Paper Wasp Nest


Yellow Jackets and Wasps are not like the bee. They can sting you multiple times and will also attack you in great numbers if you disturb there nest of hive. Unlike the bee that feed mainly on plants and water. The yellow jacket and wasp can also feed on meat and plants. Spiders are the main staple for wasps. As with bee’s there sting is painful.

Rattlesnake and Coral Snakes can be very dangerous here in San Antonio. If you run into a rattlesnake call us at Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control. we can remove it and relocate it to a better place for you. We do Snake Removals here in San Antonio

 Skunk and Bats not venomous but are the highest carriers of rabies in the United States. Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control can help you with any Bat Removal or Bat Control problem you might have. We also do Skunk Removals here in San Antonio.