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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control of San Antonio also does bat removal and bat control here in San Antonio Texas.  We can get rid of you’re bat problems at a cheaper price compared to most companies here in San mexican_free_tail_batAntonio.

Texas is home of 31 out of 47 species of bats that are found here in North America. San Antonio Bat Removal is in high demand around the summer months.

The Mexican free-tailed bat is the most common bat here in San Antonio. It Migrates back to San Antonio and Texas in the spring by the tens of millions.. It will then migrate back to Mexico in the fall. Though only a very small percentage of bats carries rabies, 16 bats in Bexar County tested positive for the disease last year. If you happen to find a bat on the ground it is imperative that you do not touch it. It could have rabies. Bats and skunks are high carriers of rabies in the United states .                                                                                                                                                     Bracken Bat Cave, northeast of San Antonio is home to the world’s largest colony of bats.This colony alone eats 200 tons of insects every night. There are so many bats in this cave , It takes hours for them all to leave it every night.

 little-brown-bat  Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control of San Antonio we also help with Bat Removal and Bat Control of the Little Brown Bat, Big Brown Bat, Red Bat and any other species of bat getting into dwellings here in San Antonio Texas. The little brown bat is the most common bat in North America.

Habitat: Little brown bats feed primarily over wetlands and other still water where insects are abundant. They use rivers, streams, and trails as travel corridors to navigate across the landscape. Bats will occasionally swoop down close to mammals to indulge on the insects that swarm around them. They can follow the same flight pattern each night as they search for food. They will prefer summer roosts close to water.

Little brown bats roost in the summer in buildings (attics, houses, barns) with the males and females roosting apart. The females gather into maternity colonies. They prefer hot spaces, such as right under the roof. The increased heat from the roof and multiple bat bodies helps the pups to grow faster. Males roost in smaller colonies, and may use tree cavities as well as buildings.

Big Brown Bat of San Antonio : Big brown bats are considered “large” for an American bat. They have brown to glossy copper-colored fur on their back with the belly fur being lighter. Their ears are small, rounded and black in color as are their wing membranes and tail. Their lips are fleshy and their nose is broad for the size of their face.


Big Brown Bat Pic


These bats are insectivorous. They prefer eating beetles over other insects, using their powerful jaws to chew through the beetles’ hard exoskeleton. They will also eat other flying insects including moths, flies, wasps, and flying ants all of which they capture while in flight.

Big brown bats choose their roosts for many reasons, one being to protect themselves from predators. These predators will often take the pups if they have fallen on the ground. Cats, snakes, and raccoons will search maternity roost sites for such pups. Flying bats can be predated upon by owls as they leave their roosts.

If you see a bat in you’re home or business you need to call us at Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control San Antonio to help remove them safely and humanly. Bats in San Antonio are very beneficial and should not be killed. We at Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control of San Antonio can remove them for you. We are experts in Bat Removal and Bat Control here in San Antonio.

Bat Rabies should be a concern when finding a bat in your house, however, only about of 1% of bats have rabies. Just the same, you may want to take precautions should you find one loose in your home.

Bat rabies is transmitted when a bat with rabies bites or scratches a person’s skin. Even though a bat has razor sharp teeth, they are quite small and it can be hard to tell if you have been bitten by a bat. Most of the time, you will not even know or notice.


Red Bat Pic

Animals infected with rabies will exhibit strange behaviors. If you see a bat lying on the ground or inside your home, do not touch it. Even dead bats can spread rabies.
– Rabies can be passed on by bodily fluids; so do not handle bats or their droppings at any time.
– When confronted with a bat in your yard or home, call animal control to take care of the problem for you.
– Keep screens on all windows and secure any openings where bats may enter your home. Keep chimney flues and dampers closes when not in use.
– If a bat flies into your home, try to isolate it in a room and call for assistance.
– If you find bats roosting in your attic, it is important they be removed by professionals.
– If bats have been in your home, you should see your doctor. Because fluids can spread rabies, you may not be aware you or a member of your family has been infected. Some bats can bite without it being felt, and the marks may be too small to be detected.
– Any pet that has come near a bat should be seen by a veterinarian. Make sure your pets’ rabies shots are up-to-date.

Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control Can help you with any Bat Removal or Bat Control problem you might have here in San Antonio. Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control has many years experience getting rid of bat problems in and around Commercial and Residential buildings. Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control of San Antonio will Come out and look at you’re bat problem. We have to go thorough a very specialized inspection process to evaluate what we need to do to get rid of you’re bat problem. Once the inspection is done we can sit down with you and come up with a plan to get rid of the bats.

Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control of San Antonio will then follow the plan and get rid of you’re bat removal or bat control  problem through exclusion methods, one way doors and humane bat removal practices. Proven methods of getting rid of bats in a humane and environmentally friendly and most importantly safely.

For Any San Antonio Bat Removal Problems make sure you call us and check us out. We are cheap compared to most companies doing the same bat removals and bat control services here in San Antonio.

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