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A lot has been discussed on why we need the Honey Bee to survive and why we shouldn’t be killing them off. The problem Pest Control Companies have is that there is no place to take the bees if they can be saved. The other issue we run into is that they make a hive in areas that cant bee accessed very well or in areas that cant be gotten to at all. I’ve had them make there hive in a street light pole or a billboard pole. Sometimes in a huge oak tree that’s been around for over a hundred years. Killer bees are a danger to the public. We run into them all the time. very dangerous bee. Only way to tell the difference between a honey bee and a killer bee is under a microscope or by walking up to the hive. No bee keeper wants those kind of aggressive bees. I cant tell you how many calls I go out on each year and they have killed someone’s pets in there back yard that were tied up or fenced in and had no where to run away from them. Just some things to consider when you want to save the bee. We need bees to pollinate our crops and to give us honey. But you have to be realistic about how much we can do to save them all. We cant live without these tireless little workers. We need them to survive as a human race. But we also cant do nothing about them if the set up a hive that’s going to put the public at risk. People die every year from bee stings. We have to be smart and use common sense solutions in the future when dealing with this growing public threat.

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