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Bat Removal, Bat Control, San Antonio, Texas

Friday, May 29th, 2015

BatSanAntonioThis is the time of the year bats start migrating back to Texas from Mexico. They are attracted to homes and businesses because of the lights that fill the skies. Lights attract mosquito’s one of the favorite foods of bats. One way to keep bats from finding you’re home or business as an attractive place to call home is to keep the lights off at night.
Seal all gaps in the siding with caulking or foam. Bats can squeeze into the smallest little holes. Make sure gaps around the chimney are sealed and that you have a good cap on the chimney. Also make sure all cement gaps between the bricks is there. Bats love to nest in and around chimneys and roof lines. under shutters or behind them. In the louvers of vents on the side of a house.
All these area’s need to be checked. If you have a colony of bats living in any of these area’s you will see piles of bat droppings under where they are entering into the home or building. You will see discoloration of paint in area’s they are using. You might even see or hear them. They will most likely be having young right now and you might have to wait till the young are strong enough to fly before any bat work can be started.
If you need them removed humanly we can help. Just give us a call. we have years of experience in dealing with bat related conflicts.