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Honey Bee Removal, Bee Control in San Antonio Texas

Friday, February 20th, 2015

A lot has been and is being discussed on the honey bee populations in the United States on the decline do to environmental issues, chemicals and other contributing factors. Honey bees are great for the environment and and we need them in order for our crops and flowers to be pollinated. They give us honey the only source of food that has everything in it to sustain life as we know it.  The problem is, how do we save them when the invade urban area’s and surrounding area’s? Honey Bee keepers can only save so many. Most honey bee keepers don’t want the killer bee or the Africanized Bee. So the trick in the future is what are we suppose to do with the bee swarms that land in a crowded area’s like a outside mall, car lot or shopping center. Its easy to catch the swarm and relocate it. But there are not a lot of area’s we can relocate them to in my experience. The only way to tell if its just a honey bee or a killer bee is under a microscope or by walking up to a hive can usually let you know which it is but not scientifically.

What do we do with a Mexican Honey Bee hive if its found in a school yard? What do we do with africanized bees if we happen to run across them? These are questions that we need to ask before strict laws are made to regulate how we are gonna have to deal with them. What if they colonize in a tree next to a busy shopping center? A tree that”s been around for hundreds of years.

I love bees and all that they do for us. We need to save as many as we can because we need them. They are hard workers and provide us with so much. Just some thoughts on the future of Bee Removal, Bee Control in San Antonio Texas.


Honey Bee Swarm

Honey Bee Swarm River Walk San Antonio

Pest Control, Exterminator, San Antonio

Pest Control, Exterminator, San Antonio

Honey Bee's take over truck

Honey Bee’s take over truck

Pocket Gopher Control

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Do you have a gopher tearing up you’re flower bed or destroying you’re plants? We can help. We can come out and trap them and show you ways you can protect you’re plants from future problems.