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Rodent Removal, Rodent Control in San Antonio Texas

Monday, June 1st, 2015
Roof Rat Caught on Trap

Roof Rat Caught on Trap

With all the rain we have been getting rodents like other pests are looking for places to find shelter. All the flooding is driving rodents indoors. As the waters recede you will want to remove all trash and debris from around you’re yard. Cut back trees 6 foot away from you’re home. Make sure bird feeders are well away from the house. Pick up pet food if you feed you’re animals outside as soon as they are done eating. Seal all holes on roof and vents with metal and hardware cloth to close off entry points. Keep you’re garage door shut when not in use. These are things u can do to help keep you’re home as a target for unwanted rodents. If that doesn’t help call us, we can help 210 430 3996.


Bat Removal, Bat Control, San Antonio, Texas

Friday, May 29th, 2015

BatSanAntonioThis is the time of the year bats start migrating back to Texas from Mexico. They are attracted to homes and businesses because of the lights that fill the skies. Lights attract mosquito’s one of the favorite foods of bats. One way to keep bats from finding you’re home or business as an attractive place to call home is to keep the lights off at night.
Seal all gaps in the siding with caulking or foam. Bats can squeeze into the smallest little holes. Make sure gaps around the chimney are sealed and that you have a good cap on the chimney. Also make sure all cement gaps between the bricks is there. Bats love to nest in and around chimneys and roof lines. under shutters or behind them. In the louvers of vents on the side of a house.
All these area’s need to be checked. If you have a colony of bats living in any of these area’s you will see piles of bat droppings under where they are entering into the home or building. You will see discoloration of paint in area’s they are using. You might even see or hear them. They will most likely be having young right now and you might have to wait till the young are strong enough to fly before any bat work can be started.
If you need them removed humanly we can help. Just give us a call. we have years of experience in dealing with bat related conflicts.

Squirrel Removal, Squirrel Control, San Antonio, Texas

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

This time of year the squirrels are getting ready to have there young. The female squirrels are out looking for places to have them. If you are hearing noises in you’re attic during the morning hours and late afternoon you might have a squirrel problem in you’re attic. Squirrels are usually most active during the morning hours and late afternoons feeding. The are usually out sunning themselves during the day and at night sleeping. They gain access to you’re roof by running wires of up a tree and onto the house. They are great climbers and can just run up the side of a house if they really want to. I have found that most female squirrels have a average of 2 to 3  young 2 times a year on average.

Fox Squirrel

Fox Squirrel

I have seen roof rats and squirrels share the same attic space. Its not that common but does  happen. There dropping look a lot alike. A trained eye can tell the difference though. Rats are nocturnal and squirrels aren’t. They can feed on the same things like bird seed, grains, nuts, dog and cat foods. When trying to removal squirrels and rats from the attics of homes or from in the walls it takes different methods. Usually you are only going to have only one family of squirrels in a attic unless its breeding season. We on average usually catch a adult female squirrel and 2 to 3 young or depending on the time of season we might catch a couple females and males.

After we catch all the squirrels in the attic or walls we need to help you keep them from coming back by sealing the holes off with metal. We use screws to screw the metal patches in so that the patches don’t pull out. I cant tell you how many times I have gone out on a job and had to correct some crappy exclusion work were they used staples. Staples pull out over time and the squirrels can get back in. Screws are much stronger and hold better. If a rodent wants in they will chew another hole anyways. Cutting back tree’s and putting up wire guards can help to. Keeping the squirrels off you’re roof in the first place is always your best bet. They can still run up the side of the house and still get on your roof if they really want to but its been my experience that they don’t like to do that. They would rather have tree’s to run up and then across a roof and onto another tree if possible. They use them like highways.

Picking up pet food dishes at night if you feed you’re animals outside helps. Keeping bird feeders way away from the house helps to. they don’t only feed the birds but also draw raccoons, rats, opossums, mice, squirrels and other animals up to you’re home. If you have a tree that produces nuts its god to always keep the area under that tree cleaned up. These common sense practices will help make you’re home not as enticing to squirrels.



Honey Bee Removal, Bee Control in San Antonio Texas

Friday, February 20th, 2015

A lot has been and is being discussed on the honey bee populations in the United States on the decline do to environmental issues, chemicals and other contributing factors. Honey bees are great for the environment and and we need them in order for our crops and flowers to be pollinated. They give us honey the only source of food that has everything in it to sustain life as we know it.  The problem is, how do we save them when the invade urban area’s and surrounding area’s? Honey Bee keepers can only save so many. Most honey bee keepers don’t want the killer bee or the Africanized Bee. So the trick in the future is what are we suppose to do with the bee swarms that land in a crowded area’s like a outside mall, car lot or shopping center. Its easy to catch the swarm and relocate it. But there are not a lot of area’s we can relocate them to in my experience. The only way to tell if its just a honey bee or a killer bee is under a microscope or by walking up to a hive can usually let you know which it is but not scientifically.

What do we do with a Mexican Honey Bee hive if its found in a school yard? What do we do with africanized bees if we happen to run across them? These are questions that we need to ask before strict laws are made to regulate how we are gonna have to deal with them. What if they colonize in a tree next to a busy shopping center? A tree that”s been around for hundreds of years.

I love bees and all that they do for us. We need to save as many as we can because we need them. They are hard workers and provide us with so much. Just some thoughts on the future of Bee Removal, Bee Control in San Antonio Texas.


Honey Bee Swarm

Honey Bee Swarm River Walk San Antonio

Pest Control, Exterminator, San Antonio

Pest Control, Exterminator, San Antonio

Honey Bee's take over truck

Honey Bee’s take over truck

Pocket Gopher Control

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Do you have a gopher tearing up you’re flower bed or destroying you’re plants? We can help. We can come out and trap them and show you ways you can protect you’re plants from future problems.

What a homeowner can do if they are hearing noices in there attic.

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Its 2015 and January has been a very busy month with animals in peoples homes and attics. The raccoons and skunks are mating. The female Squirrels are looking for places to have there young and roof rats are finding refuge in attics. Soon the bats will be migrating back to San Antonio. If you want to prevent these animals from finding refuge in you’re attic or homes.
You can do a few simple thing to help make your home a place where these critter don’t want to be. Don’t feed you’re pets outside and if you do make sure u pick up there bowls and take them inside when you’re pets are done feeding.
Don’t feed the birds or squirrels near your house. If you have to feed them, make sure you put the feeders way out by the fence well away from your home. Feeder attract rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, and a whole host of animals you might not want to you’re home.
Cut the trees back from you’re house at least 6 feet to keep animals from running up them and gaining access to the roof area of you’re hole.
You can put Frisbee s on the wires to keep rodent from running across them and getting on you’re roof. Seal off all holes up on you’re roof with metal or half inch hardware cloth.
Cut back ivy and vines growing up your home and away from the house at least a foot. Simple things you can do. If all else fails you can call a professional and get help. We are always on call to help you out with suggestions on ridding you’re home and business of unwanted pest and vermin.

Squirrel caught in trap

Squirrel caught in trap

Baby Raccoom

Baby Raccoon

Roof Rat Caught on trap

Roof Rat Caught on trap