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Baby Raccoom

Baby Raccoon

If you’re looking for wildlife removal in San Antonio, Texas, look no further. At Abolish Pest &
Wildlife Control, we are trained professionals that provide the most comprehensive and deft
service when it comes to animal control solutions. Our certified technicians humanely remove
any nuisance wildlife with the utmost of care. We also inspect your home or business to make sure that any potential area of reentry
is sealed off to ensure pests don’t come back in. You
should have peace of mind whether you’re at home or at work; you shouldn’t have to put up
with hearing noises at night that make you lose sleep. Whether it be bats, rats, bees,
scorpions, or other pests, rest assured that we’ll deftly handle any situation.
Bats are menaces that are sure to throw a wrench into your life. You want San Antonio bat
removal experts that will be able to remove them safely, effectively, and humanely. Choose
San Antonio wildlife control experts like us. Handling the problem on your own isn’t
recommended. If you’re swatting at bats or using brute force in order to drag them out, you
might find yourself with a bite on your hands.
By using a professional wildlife and pest removal service like us, it’ll be the best choice you’ll
make. We’ll find any and all areas bats are invading your home or business and we’ll seal off
their roost and use special materials that will drive them away. We only use the safest and
most effective methods to get rid of animals and to make sure they don’t come back again.
Raccoons also invade homes in Texas. They tear into attics, crawlspaces, and even
basements. Raccoons are able to invade any area and make a mess while trying to find
shelter or food. If they’re able to take refuge in your home, they can ruin the exterior as well.
Raccoons also carry many diseases like rabies that put you and your family at risk. You’ll
definitely want experts to be able to remove raccoons from your home in a safe and humane
way and repair any damage they’ve done.
Opossums are becoming a more prominent threat today in San Antonio. Though they are shy
and stay out of the way most times, they will hiss and show their teeth if they are threatened.
They are nuisance animals that you’ll find in your backyard or driveway, tearing up garbage
bags and destroying bird feeders. Opossums don’t build their own dens, they inhabit
man made
structures which makes it all the more urgent for you to remove them. In addition
to this, they carry rabies, fleas, and ticks which will leave you with an additional pressing
problem if they aren’t tended to. TH
Call Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control today and you’ll find we have fast response times here in
San Antonio. If you find that an animal has died in your home, call us to locate and remove
the animal.

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