Wildlife Removal, Wildlife Control, San Antonio

As the weather gets colder animal such as raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice, opossums, and occasionally bats that didn’t migrate are looking for places to over winter or to just get out of the cold.

They will find places like in a chimney or under a deck and sometimes in you’re attic or walls to hold up when it gets cold out.

That’s were we come in. If you’re hearing noises in you’re attic of walls or even you’re chimney give up a call. If you see holes or tracks leading under you’re deck we can figure out whats living there and trap it.

We look for signs like droppings, rub marks, chew marks, holes, tracks and what time of day or night you’re hearing the noises to figure out what kind of problem u have.

Once we do a thorough inspection and figure out what wildlife or animal problem you might have, we set traps and start a wildlife removal and animal control campaign.

Once all the animals are trapped we can seal off all the holes with metal or hardware cloth to prevent future problems. We service all of San Antonio Texas and surrounding areas. 210 430 3996




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